Cumaru Deck

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Cumaru is a Brazilian species is similar to Ipe. It is used in both residential and commercial applications. The grain has a pronounced interlocked appearance.

In order to be Environmentally Friendly and ensure an effective construction, Deck Builders Miami will be using standard board lengths to reduce the amount of wasted wood.

U.S. Forest Products Lab rates Brazilian Cumaru as very durable.  Resistance to decay, rot, insect damage and it's fire rating make it a perfect wood for long-life exterior applications. It is estimated the Cumaru will carry a 25-year life span.


We are Deck Builders and skilled, experienced craftsmen who take tremendous pride in their work complete projects in a workmanlike, professional, and thoroughly competent manner.

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Cumaru Deck

Cumaru Deck Installation

Cumaru is a very unique decking product with unique installation methods not commonly used for other types of decking such as composites and softwoods.

We use saw blades with 16 teeth to reduce friction when cutting, and the blade will stay sharp longer.  12" saws with 32 teeth are recommended for a miter saw.

If boards are not grooved, pre-drilling is necessary to avoid wood splitting and screw breakage. Nail guns will cause the wood to split either after impact or when the wood loses moisture. Cobalt alloy drill bits are the most effective and longest lasting when drilling into Ipe. 

Stainless Steel fasteners are imperative for fastening a Cumaru deck.

Pressure treated wood is use for the framing. It provides long-term protection from rot, decay and termites without the use of any EPA-listed hazardous chemicals.


Deck Fastener Options
Cumaru Decking
Hardwood, low maintanace, high decay resistance, high strength.
Deck Clip
Hidden deck fastener systems work great with pre-grooved decking boards.
Wood Plugs
Pre-drilling holes for a high finish look, extra time and labor.
Standard Face Screws
Recommended two per joist. The trim head screw is very small and only slightly noticeable.


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